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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies (MVRUS)

Anyone who is interested in cars, motorcycles or road safety and is prepared to work hard can do this course. It is a GCSE course and therefore needs hard work and commitment. Probably the most popular part of the course is the practical moped driving which accounts for 20% of the final marks. You can buy a persuasive essay at on the importance of knowing the rules of the road.

It is about what we see and use every day – the road!

You will study:

  • The legal documents you require to drive
  • Causes and prevention of accidents
  • First Aid
  • Basic mechanics
  • The Highway Code

What does the examination consist of?

  • The practical moped test 30%
  • The coursework 30%
  • The final written paper 40%


3rd Oct 2022
The Year 12 MVRUS class recently conducted a seatbelt survey as part of their...