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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry


The Mathematics Department seeks to create an interest in and an understanding of mathematics while at the same time promoting the subject as an enjoyable experience and a necessary prerequisite for daily life in the work place. That's why we have tons of math and math research articles on the website at

A range of teaching/learning strategies which include practical mathematical activities, games and Information Technology are used to provide a variety of experiences across all areas of the programmes of study. Developing mathematics across the curriculum is actively promoted and pupils are encouraged to develop their mathematical skills beyond the classroom.

The Literacy/Numeracy Fun Day provides Year 8 pupils with the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to solve a range of tasks and puzzles. “Money Day” gives Year 9 pupils a chance to hone their financial capability skills. Year 9 pupils are also encouraged to enter the UK Junior Maths Challenge and pupils in Year 10-12 enter the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge.

At Key Stage 4 pupils are entered for GCSE Mathematics, allowing for entry at either one of two different tiers, Foundation and Higher. Optional courses include Essential Skills Application of Number.



UK Intermediate Maths Challenge
6th Jun 2022
Certificate winners in the recent UK Intermediate Maths Challenge competition are...
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